Friday, October 29, 2010

The Gordys

After Table 1, Table 21 is probably the most popular.  It's hidden away, tucked under the stairwell next to the bar.  It is quiet and private.  At lunch it is popular for meetings; at night it is simply popular.  I try to hold it back for regulars who I know prefer it, but there is nothing holding back Mr. Gordy.  When they arrive for dinner, any night of the week, he heads straight for Table 21.  Luckily they usually come in at the crack of 5, when the table is awaiting their arrival.  Once in a while they show up a little late and if "their" table is in use, they will sit somewhere else, but it is definitely not his idea of a good time.  

The Gordy's are Kentmore Park residents in the summer and Florida residents in the winter.  They are actually old friends of Kevin's parents, from way back in the day, so it's sort of like having family in.  They have been customers of ours since the 80's.  I tried to get Mr. Gordy to smile for the photo, but that is the best he would allow...

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