Thursday, November 04, 2010

Let's Eat!

 This presentation of the leg of lamb has been on the menu for a little while now.  Kevin wonders how long he should keep it going.  He skewers chunks of leg, cooks it to ordered temperature,  and serves  it on the house made pita bread with appropriate vegetables, feta cheese, and a dollop of tzatziki sauce.  People love it, even though very few make it through the whole thing, especially the pita bread on the bottom, which has been quietly soaking up all the juices.  It's a big, flavorful, intriguing plate of Mediterranean goodness.  Will it stay or will it go?

 These are the glazed baby back ribs we served last night as part of the Wednesday night prix-fixe.  Kevin cut them so that one bone had the meat of three - in other words, for a portion containing three bones, he cut away the two outer ones, leaving a middle bone with all the meat from the other two.  They were stickily good.  But once again, for a rib night, I forgot the wetnaps!

 So, you are probably asking yourselves, how come these bagels came out looking so symmetrical, so pretty, so consistently without a big hole?  That's because the baker (moi) had some professional assistance this time.  Kevin stepped into the role of bread maker magnifique and helped out. We weighed out the dough and he rolled them (very quickly I might add) into balls.  We let the balls rest for a few minutes and then spun them around on our finger to shape the bagels.  They looked really good when they went into the water bath; as Angie commented "Wow, those look like real bagels!".  Thanks.  Anyway, they rose a bit much in the oven and so lost their hole, but otherwise, not too bad.  We're getting closer to a bagel we can offer as a special sandwich at lunch.


  1. Save some of that lamb for me (with a rib on the side, of course)!