Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Daze of December

 This weekend marks the first of the two main party weekends of the year - the two preceding Christmas.  And with Christmas arriving on a Saturday this year, the party season starts a wee bit early.  One of our guests told me last night that she had invitations to four gatherings for next week alone!  Hence our mostly empty dining room up until around 7PM on Friday.  Luckily we are prepared for the slow days and nights that the Holiday Season brings, with the annual competition for your dining dollar.  We have pecans to crack, for one thing!

Gotta love my wreath swinging reindeer, eh??

Spending time during December preparing for Christmas weekend is one of the pleasures of  the holiday season.  We slowly get the dining room decorated, with poinsettias and giant pinecones, bowls of brightly colored Christmas balls and glittery bows around the necks of the geese.  Today we put the lights up on the deck tree and on the LongHorns.  We began playing seasonal tunes this week, and hopefully, since I have a gazillion Christmas CDs, we won't get burnt out from repetition of titles!

We enjoy the Days of December and the change in routine it brings.  The  seasonal food and drink, the music and decor - even the weather is cooperating this year, cold cold cold.  Winter lasts long enough, after the lights and glitter are put back up in the attic, so spreading out the Holiday Cheer for the whole month of December is a good plan.  Have a mocha, dust off the Santa Hat and let the spirit of the season invade your days.  It will be January soon enough.

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