Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Seasonal Highlight

While our holiday weekend focused primarily on family and food - from guacamole to fondue, campfire roasted oysters to pasta with white clam sauce (my goodness I do love being married to a Chef!)  - the first seasonal highlight for me took place in, of all places, a bank.

Anyone walking into the Washington Avenue branch of The Peoples Bank of Kent County on Christmas Eve morning would have had the same experience, if they were open to it.  It was simply like walking into Santa's Workshop.  It seemed that every single employee was working that morning, and they were all dressed like elves, or variations thereof.  Dressed in Santa Hats or reindeer antlers to full blown Elf outfits, complete with stripped leggings and green felt hats, the entire staff was in seasonal attire, from the back office to the front tellers. Talk about the "Christmas Spirit", here it was in droves.  It was absolutely wonderful.  It has to be - and will remain - one of the best holiday experiences I have ever encountered, and I thank all of the people from PBKC for it!  That scene made my whole weekend!

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