Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hail Winter, Bringer of Snow

Ahhh, the joys of a snow day.  Not that we are getting one, but we may as well.  We try very hard to stay open when weather threatens, unless it is clear that it would endanger our staff trying to make it to or from work.  But sometimes it's a tough call.  Like last night for instance.  Snow predicted for later in the evening, but who knows what to believe.  Consequently, we are slow slow slow.  We are open for the entire service, entertain about 20, 25 people.  A lot of standing around in the kitchen and the dining room.  By the time we leave the snow has been falling in earnest and it is a fairly "interesting" ride home.  So, we have our entire Tuesday payroll for about 50% less business.  Is that really a good call?  Should we just say 'no' to being open when weather threatens?  Well, there are two other sides to this issue.  #1 is that you want to have the reputation that you will be open, except under extreme conditions, so your customers don't question it.  And #2, your staff certainly does not want to lose hours.  Last night was not going to be a dangerous ride home, unless you were stupid (and no one who works at BT is stupid), and keeping the crew meant a quicker clean up at the end of the long, slow night.  Still, we are probably a little like the school board - damned if you do or if you don't.  One saving grace - better on a Tuesday night than, say, Friday...

Bottom line - if Kevin and I can make it in from the back country, anyone can.  

See you at lunch today!

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