Thursday, February 10, 2011

How Badly Do You Want A Reservation?

And what will you do to get one?
Well, I jumped through a few hoops this morning in my attempt to score one of the 12 seats at Jose Andres' Mini Bar in the Cafe Atlantico in Washington DC.
Here is how it went:
  • Phones open up at 10 AM for bookings one month from that day.
  • Yesterday I forgot and didn't call until luck.
  • This morning I forgot (despite all the little post-it notes all over the office) and didn't call until 10:10.
  • Busy.  Hit redial.
  • Busy.  Hit redial.
  • Busy.  Hit redial.
  • Repeat this process until 10:25. 
  • Whoa!  Phone is answered!
  • "Hello.  Cafe Atlantico MiniBar.  Can you hold?"
  • What do you say to that  -  of course I can hold, I've been dialing for 15 minutes already.
  • Eight minutes on hold and bingo!  "Hello, may I help you?"
  • Make it to first base!
  • We're on the wait-list for March 10, either seating that opens up.
  • And we are glad to be on it!
  • Try again tomorrow for Friday March 11...
One thing for sure, I would not have that reservationist's job for all the money in the world!!

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