Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Post Vacation Notes

Chicken with Oysters
Thanks to all of our regulars, who came out in droves last week to welcome us back from our long vacation.  We all agree that it was a terrific time had by all, especially those of us in the dining room who received all of the warm greetings from so many of our guests, expressing their satisfaction  (for the most part - there was that gentleman who was not completely enamored with the sliced lemon in the piccolo fritto...) with the (revised) new menu options. Baked macaroni and cheese, chili burrito, Caesar with scallops - those are some of the updated lunch choices that are already securing their place on the popularity parade.  At dinner the rainbow trout with oysters and the plate of scallops and cauliflower are leading the pack.   There is still some fine tuning going on, but by Thursday's changes, everyone seemed to get back into their groove and our routine was again solidly in place.

That doesn't mean it's all peaches and cream, now does it?  Here's how the staffing went last week:
  • Wednesday (our first day back from vaycay) - LaVonte, the all important day time porter, is out.  Could be out for a while...note to self: pay fines before they send out the bench warrant.
  • Friday - Day time line cook Brittany out: sister in hospital.
  • Friday - Night time line cook Kev out: sick.
  • Friday - dinner busser Victoria a no show.
  • Saturday - Brittany still out.
What saved us?  People who stepped up to the plate, thank goodness.  Sam picked up LaVonte's shifts until further notice.  Angie worked Friday night so Megan could do Kev's line work.  Rodrigo came in early to help with the massive amounts of prep work.  New busser Brian worked for real on his second night out in the DR.  Marlena and Angie handled a lot of the day time pressure.

What fun!

To leave you on a more positive note, the special of the week was the very seasonal shad roe.  The weekend preparation saw it on a bed of red cabbage, cooked in a sort of sweet and sour mode, creating a perfect foil for the rich roe.  Shad roe is probably one of the few foods that remains truly seasonal - and a very short season at that - so you have to get it while you can, as the first harbinger of spring that it surely is.

Next thing you know, Cathy will be sending us crates of asparagus!


  1. I'm sorry I missed it.....but glad I can be "there" thru your blog. Shari Herr Keen

  2. Shad roe ..... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm