Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Celebrity Sighting

 I speak to the woman on the right on a regular basis, but last night was our first meeting!  This is Lisa and Brad Kilby, stopping in for dinner after making a delivery in Rock Hall.  And if the name "Kilby" doesn't ring a bell...
...the t-shirts should set you straight!   Lisa is the Kilby Ice Cream maker!  Their ice cream, from their own herd of Jerseys, has been on our dessert menu since opening day.  They sell it at other locations around the county as well, and I have seen their milk at Higgy's market too.  We want to try some of their heavy cream!

It was fun meeting Lisa - whose distinctive voice I would have recognized as soon as she spoke, if she hadn't introduced herself to me - and her husband.  These are two very hard working people who define the word "locavore" in some ways: taking the product they grow on their farm and offering it for sale in their "neighborhood".  If you ever find yourself up in the Rising Sun area, stop in and see their operation.

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