Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fun on the River

Our crew in their first ever Raft Race did a fabulous job, and they even seemed to have a good time, despite the difficulty in manuvering such a craft.  The Jug-or-Knot held it's own, with all seven on board.  I took a "boatload" of pictures, many of which I've posted here, with captions as needed.

Val and Tabitha begin decorating the vessel.

Decorating each other was next.

The original name for the raft was going to be "Calamari Clipper", so the girls were braiding their hair a la Pippi Longstocking, to resemble squid tentacles...  Here Angie gets a makeover, a la the Wizard of Oz.

Tabitha took this of us.

Finally time  to put it to the test.  Kevin looks like Quasimodo because he has his life jacket on under his t-shirt.  He wasn't happy when he saw how this made him look.  Sorry Kevin!
At this point we still don't know if the Raft will hold all of its intended passengers.

Into the water they go...

Angie's son Kelsey made our flag.  Unfortunately, I did not a get a picture of it on the right side...

They're gonna make it with all aboard!

And, they're off!

There were the usual crazy rafts on the river, not that I got any good photos of them...

Rounding the turn toward the finish line.

The paddling was very (very) difficult on the return trip.

And you notice that Tabitha is just along for the ride!

Ahoy mateys!

They made it back to dry land, a little sore and a few blisters later.

The Jug-or-Knot crew.

All the rafters come together for the announcing of the prizes.

Don't know if you can see the Black Swan crew - they are the ones in the black tutus...something funnier you will never see.

Congratulations!  And next year will be even better!

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