Monday, May 02, 2011

Taste of the Town Report

It would appear to us that the Taste of the Town event in Chestertown this past Sunday could be deemed a success, judging from the streams of folks filing past us at our post right in front of the fountain, at least.  This is not to say that our booth in particular was a success - we had some serving issues - but there sure were a lot of people there!  

I took a few pictures, but it's not a real representative sample, I am sorry to say...

The line to enter just before noon.
That's Erica, from the Health Department, doing her thing to insure the safety of everyone's food.  Brian watches.  You can't tell, but Erica is 8 months pregnant!

One of the first people we connected with was our good friend Jeannie, who was so incredibly instrumental in getting us open at Kennedyville many years ago.  It was great to see her!
Marlena - from our lunch crew - was there with her husband Chris.
Mike Johnson and Al Koblin wait for ravioli.
Jan and Gill Callahan want to vote!  Where do ya vote!?
Looking down past our booth, to Proc's on our right, followed by Two Trees.
Pete is READY!
Jeff's getting there...
It really was a good time.  We were conveniently situated between New York Deli's yummy knishes and Proccolino's classic garlic knots.  We sent Brian out with tickets at various intervals (mostly while we waited for ravioli to heat up) to get us some snacks, and what we tried was all good.  The smoked fish from the Imperial, that Todd brought over, was tasty and Robert Jester's panna cotta was delicous.  Kevin was eating a sandwich from Play It Again Sam before we even opened! We got cookies from Against the Grain and the Cuban from the Jeff's Fishwhistle, really tasty chicken salad from Village Bakery, accompanied by their addictive potato chips.  Sal's pasta and Frank's shepherds pie both made it to our back table.  Two Trees shrimp and grits was another highlight. We missed out on Abby's Osprey Point crabcakes, but I gather she sold out even before we ran out of ravioli, which was at about 2:15.  We would have had plenty, but so many broke in the beginning, due to our serving issue, that we lost quite a few portions.  We missed out on the CupCakes across the way, which were just about the cutest I'd ever seen, but we did score a cookie from the Chance sisters and scones from Danielle's Brampton booth.  I heard the crab soup that Lemon Leaf was dipping up was tremendously good as well.  We were so swamped at our table, what with the problems of getting the ravioli out to the people and the lines that never stopped, that we didn't get to socialize with our compatriots as much as we normally like to do at this event... 

Note to self - next year, something easier to serve please!

Overall, we had a great time and I hope all the attendees did as well.

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