Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wednesday's Prix-fixe Plus

Last night was not a typical Wednesday Prix-fixe night, in that we were quite slow!  My guess is the competition of the annual production of "Women Helping Women" at the Prince Theater had a lot to do with it.  This annual event is wildly popular, and as it features just about every talented woman (and this year, men were also helping women) in the county, it is always a sell out.  Plus it is for a very good cause

The few menu seekers we did feed started their meal with the above salad - select greens ("select" because they came from our garden at home, and from the "back-door" gardener who will be mentioned again later) with an "egg" of fresh mozzarella nestled within.

The salad was followed by tillapia with lemon and capers.  We haven't dealt much with this very popular fish, although it is quite acceptable by our standards, mostly because Kevin seems to think it is a fish that people often cook at home.  It was delicous when cooked at Brooks Tavern as well!

Dessert was this hugely successful dacquoise with a chocolate mousse filling.  The crunchy meringue was a bit difficult to navigate against the soft mousse, but apparently that didn't hinder anyone's enjoyment of the combination.  Plates were wiped clean.

 In other news: this weekend, back by popular demand, creme brulee, made with very yellow eggs!

And this is the back door gardener - Terry Anthony of Airy Hill Road.  He has lately been known to slip into the kitchen, via the back door, and drop off bags of lettuce or spring onions or anything else that he has an overabundance of from his garden.  Usually we don't even see him.  This morning it was this flat of strawberries!! We are happy recipients of his bounty and eventually Terry and his wife Bonnie will enjoy a bartered meal in the dining room! 

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