Monday, June 06, 2011

A Powerless Saturday Night

So, what do you do, on a beautiful Saturday night in June, when you are stuck at work with no work to do because there is no power to do it with?  That was the dilemma posed to our staff this past Saturday, when, at 3:30 in the afternoon, in the thick of getting prepped for Saturday night dinner service, the lights go out.  
Well, first off, there's that big box of peas that need shelling...

Kev keeps us up to date on the process of Delmarva Power -
"It will be back on at 5PM"     "6PM"    "7PM"   "Unknown time".

And, it's such a lovely night, perfect time to go fishing 
and catch a little yellow perch, or even a frog.  
Everyone loves to play outside on 
a perfect summer evening...

Actually, everyone would rather be working.

Luckily we have a landline phone that will function when the power is out, so we could answer the calls and let the reservations know about the situation.  We intercepted cars as they pulled into our eerily empty parking lot, to give them the sad news of our predicament and suggested that they go on down High Street and join the party that was surely going on in all the restaurants downtown.  And meanwhile we waited with slowly waning hopes that the power would be restored in time for us to salvage something from our Saturday night. 

 Eventually, at 7:45, the lights returned.  But by then it was too late for us.  We had made the decision at 7PM to call it a night. We would have needed at least a half hour to get up to speed, when the electric returned, and if it wasn't on by 7, it wasn't going to happen.  It wasn't and it didn't. The kitchen crew cleaned up the kitchen by the dimming light and that was it.   When the power was restored, Kevin and I turned the lights out again and headed home for a campfire on the patio.  

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