Friday, July 08, 2011

Friday Lunch

It being a slow Friday Lunch here at BT, I spent most of it in the very messy office doing little to no office work...funny how things work like that.  Or don't work, as the case may be. Meanwhile, out in the dining room, this team of girls was running the show.  Nicole, Katie and Tabitha are the Friday and Saturday lunch crew - Nicole as server, Katie as busser and Tabitha as host. (Brian works the host role Tuesdays through Thursdays.  Having a host at lunch has freed me up to get my paperwork done in a timely fashion, and today was no exception, except that I didn't feel much like doing it.)  The three young women work very well together, with only a little interference help from me. Today they needed me to open a few beers and pour a little wine, and periodically I walked the dining room to see how things were going, but for the most part they did the job.  Nicole and Katie have both been here just about a year - they started last August, within days of each other.  Tabitha - who has worked with us since November of 2009 - recently turned 18, which means she can finally serve alcohol, which she does with pride.

Lunch was interrupted by the arrival of the Kilby Cream Ice Cream order - delivered by two smiling young men.  I guess I'd be smiling too, if I was delivering that ice cream!  The current flavors include Whopper, which I really shouldn't order because it is one of my favorites, but, sacrifices must be made!

The aforementioned office is a wreck.  Everything that doesn't have a home somewhere else seems to end up in here.  Look at the clutter!  What is all this crap?  The biggest offender as space hog is the cork board. It is leaning in front of the wine fridge because it fell off the wall and *no one* has had a chance to put it back up.  Hopefully you can see that the screen of the computer is tuned to a work page - the New York Times food section.  Yes, research.

My liquor shelves are cluttered with hand soap and purchases from the Dollar Store that need to put put away; the red board next to the cork board is a door from one of the cabinets in the service station that fell off it's hinges and *no one* has had time to put back up;  the cardboard carton on the floor is today's liquor delivery that I haven't taken the time to put on the shelf yet, probably because I have to first put away the stuff that is on the liquor shelf that doesn't belong.

Kevin's desk is home to a huge bunch of basil that Terry Anthony brought in today - Kevin has found that it lasts a long time in a pot of water on his desk in front of the fan.  A periodic brush with the fingers releases that wonderful aroma of summer.

My desk, on the other hand, is littered with invoices, unopened mail ("Oh, there's that bill I didn't pay last month!"), notes and napkins and various scraps of paper which may or may not be important.  Thank goodness this picture is not too sharp...  Every so often I get seriously motivated to straighten it up completely, and it stays that way for a day or two, then it all starts to fall into disarray all over again.

Hopefully this post-holiday weekend won't prove to be a slow one, which they typically are.
Hopefully we'll get some real rain this weekend.
Hopefully seeing these pictures of the office will inspire me to straighten it up, especially if it is a slow night tonight.
Hopefully there will be a piece (or two) of blueberry pie left over for us!
Most importantly - hopefully everyone will have a great weekend, supporting their local neighborhood restaurants!

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