Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We Felt the Earth, Move

That was a pretty exciting 30 seconds at the end of lunch yesterday, eh?  I was - as per usual - hovered over the computer at 1:54,  when I noticed my desk chair was kind of rolling around.  At first I thought I was caught on something - a towel or the edge of the rug - but I quickly realized that it was the floor under the chair that was doing the moving.  Earthquake!  I jumped up and for some unknown reason went to the backdoor to look outside?  Meanwhile, in the kitchen, everyone is sort of staring around, going "What?"  My instructions were on the lame side - "It's an earthquake, get under the door sills."  No one listened to a word, while the floor continued to feel like a boat on choppy seas.  It was Kevin who remembered, hey, are there any customers out in the dining room?  Oh yeah, guests!  Ashley, Kevin and I rushed out, to find the room deserted - the two remaining people had hurried outside with all of the rest of the building's occupants.  Everyone was milling around outside, sharing stories.  BenchWorks has recently taken over the fourth floor of the Mill, and the fellows from that location were the last to come out, and apparently hadn't enjoyed their ride up there very much.

No damage here.  One soup bowl, perched on a tall stack of soup bowls, crashed to the floor.  Nothing else - not a wine glass from the shelves over the bar, not a bottle of liquor, not a thing fell.  The Archimboldo prints were a little out of sorts, but the rest of the restaurant was clueless as to what had just happened.

It was historic.

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