Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Cowboy Candy

We didn't realize that the jar of candied jalapeno peppers my brother brought us back from his vacation in Missouri were actually known as "Cowboy Candy".  We just knew that they were delicious and we had to make some of our own.  We discovered their more casual moniker when we Googled "candied jalapenos" and a million hits appeared, with an equal number of recipes for Cowboy Candy.  

We chose to go with "Rebecca" and her blogged recipe on her site "Foodie With Family".  Never mind the awful name or the story behind the recipe - it seemed to be a good choice based on comments regarding the recipe, plus the snarky remark on another blog that their recipe for the condiment was "Rebecca's", and thus "plagiarized" on the site in question. (The commenter claimed to be "Rebecca's" mom...) Like every other recipe you find on the web, this one was "adapted" from so and so's recipe, usually connected with a link, and if you don't give credit where credit is due, watch out.  And, of course, the term Cowboy Candy is itself trademarked, according the the WHH Ranch Company.  So...

We made our own.  And we're calling it CowGirl Candy.  A much better name anyway, since these things are Sweet.  And Hot. Just like CowGirls!  So there.  Here's our path to success:

Wait two weeks before you try them, although we pulled one out of the syrup to test right away, of course.  Yup, sweet.  Yup, HOT!  What a cowgirl!  

Tomorrow we'll make a full batch - three half pints will not be nearly enough to fulfill our needs.  And maybe we'll follow the recipe more fully, with some turmeric and celery seed, as suggested.  We did put in a clove of garlic and a dried hot pepper, whose heat we may not have needed.  

Got a multitude of hot peppers in your fall garden?  Follow the light!

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