Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Getting Ready

I feel as though we are a little slow this year in getting our act together for the rapidly (always rapidly) approaching Holidaze.  Perhaps we actually are no later than ever before, but it seems as though we are always the last ones to put up the tinsel and lay out the candy canes.  I have managed to put some pinecones on the bar - one on my favorite winter decorations - and the cork wreath is on the door, so that's something.  Kevin has started the NutCracker playing on the kitchen CD player (and let's hope no one gets tired of it anytime soon, because it will be a daily thing) and has even managed a little Christmas Tree display:

Don't worry, it'll happen - the lights, the tree, the Christmas balls in their glass bowls.  Right now though, we have more important things to worry about: New Year's Eve.  Today Kevin did a practice (oh. my. god.  he actually did a trial of a dish he wants to serve on NYE - will wonders never cease??) of the quail dish.  

The little bird is splayed out in all of its glory, alongside the partner in culinary delight - foie gras.  Foie gras is not without controversy, as most people who love food know.  As of July 1, 2012 it will be illegal in California.  Isn't that remarkable?  that a food could be deemed "illegal", like a drug or automatic weapon?  The extreme example of animal cruelty that activists pose regarding ducks and geese raised for foie gras has ignited chef's all over the world, both for and against.  Happily, the consumption of this luxury item is perfectly legal and perfectly delicious here in Kent County, so we will proceed.  Frankly, I can't really imagine PETA making much headway in this area, seeing as our residents regularly use their automobiles to maim and slaughter Bambi deer on a daily basis...what could be crueler than that?  But I digress.

Kevin's idea is to stuff the little farm raised quail with wild rice 
and chunks of foie gras.

The bird is popped into a "roasting pan" 
and baked in the hot oven.

You could see this as a picture of a Thanksgiving Turkey, fresh from the grill, until you realize that that is a single grain of wild rice protruding from the cavity.  Who wants the wing??

We try it.

The eviscerated bird reveals its treasure of foie gras.

The end result: tasty.  But...while the rice added a nice flavor to the flesh, the foie gras was wasted.  It didn't melt into the stuffing, it didn't meld into the poultry.  It was not a good use of the liver.

Back to square one.  There are more quail to experiment with, and there are even more ideas to try out on them.  Luckily Kevin has still a few weeks to get it down.

Meanwhile, I'm running over to Lewes Dairy for some EggNog, before the Calorie Police have it banned!

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