Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Wednesday Report

Last night I succeeded only in getting pictures of the first and last courses from the prix-fixe menu.  Above are two plates of the veal and mushroom turnover.  These little empanadas-like pies were quite tasty.  Kevin used a recipe he "adapted" from Julia Child for the pastry, and while it was perhaps a little short, it was very flavorful and worked great with the veal filling.  The turnover was followed by catfish with oyster cream sauce, of which I only tasted the sauce - and we know how good that was!

At least this week I got a picture of the dessert - a ball of Kilby's vanilla on spears of rum and lime roasted pineapple, and a little of the spiked syrup drizzled over top.  My kind of dessert.

It got a little busy - the direct opposite of Tuesday night when it never got anything - and I just had time to fool around a little in the beginning of the night, waiting for the hordes of guests to come beat down our doors, to snap a few.  Kevin was the perfect subject in his window on the line:

Finally he's not playing anymore.  He's cooking.  Luckily I'm still standing in the right place:

This is that little pork chop Kevin cut from the Guinea Hog they butchered on Monday.  Oh. My. God.  Was this ever delicious.  And see that layer of fat?  Nothing so bad has ever been so good.  It didn't have a "fatty" taste, it was more of a meaty flavor, and of course juicy and tender.  He cooked the tenderloin too, and while it lacked the fat of the chop, it equaled it in flavor nonetheless, with the added bonus of pure tenderness.  Wow.  What a difference a hog makes!

The plan now is to get another of these heritage pigs from Owen, send it to a real abattoir for slaughter and butcher it back in our kitchen, so we can share some of this prime pork with our customers.  We'll give you a heads up when it's about to happen, and of course it will be in limited supply, but what an eye opener.  Or, rather, mouth opener!  Can't wait for the ham!  and, of course, the pork belly, which is curing already.

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