Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Against All Odds

I don't know when the internet came back up - sometime yesterday I presume - but it sure made for an interesting Saturday.  No internet all day long.  Besides meaning no email and no web cruising, it also means no credit card transactions.  Yeah, uh oh.  

Luckily, before the banks closed at noon on Saturday, I sent the bus girl over to the nearest branch of pick up some of those manual entry credit card slips - the ones we use with the "knuckle buster".  You see, we can still accept credit cards, we just have to manually enter the numbers when the internet is back up.  Our plan - and of course you know this is not our first time around this block - is to run the card through the imprinter, collect a phone number, close all the credit card checks with the House Charge method of payment and then enter all of the numbers and amounts when the web service allows it at a later date.  

That would be this morning.  When we came in yesterday and there was still nothing, we left.

So.  The first credit card I entered this morning was declined.  

Thank goodness we got phone numbers.  All in all, out of 50 payments, three were declined.  One was misread numbers on the imprint, one was replaced by another card, and the first one had been lost and so reported as such.  All eventually were made good, and while it took a good chunk of the morning (and will cost us a higher rate from the processor, due to all of them going through as "manual entry"), it's not the worst thing that could happen on a busy Saturday night. 

No, that would be having a substitute cook work the salad station.  Plus a returning but still new server work the floor.  Plus the tray runner bearing the worry of a very ill baby.  This - with the extra patrol of the credit card issue - made for a somewhat stressful Saturday night.  And, of course it was busy, unlike Friday when the additional drama would probably have been a welcome diversion.  

Kevin's small plate special of those duck buns paired with a duck egg roll caused some diversion on Friday night.  Not your usual Kent County fare, eh?

We got a good start to our Day on Saturday - before we knew of the impending stressful situations we would be faced with later - by making three batches of Strawberry Jam, using Redman's most delicious strawberries.  Aren't the strawberries just perfect this year?  Should be some good jam. 

Luckily for us, Sunday comes around every week.  Whether we need it or not...and sometimes we need it more than others!  

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