Friday, May 18, 2012

The Latest Lunch Special

This past Monday, Kevin and I ate lunch out, as is our routine.  We were headed toward Kent Island, so we stopped at a nearby eatery for the mid-day meal.  I ordered the "grilled Caesar", since I love that hot/cold salad thing, and while it was okay (and the grilled shrimp on top were perfectly cooked), it wasn't prepared the way I had expected, partly because only the very tips of the hearts of romaine were grilled.  (And actually this flaw would have been negligible, had the Caesar dressing been better - it was awful, either a bad recipe or straight out of the Sysco Jug.  Won't order that again.)

So, of course, Kevin has to have a stab at this.  He planned a lunch special of griddled romaine with scallops, olives and pickled kumquats.  (Remember them?)  Griddled because we don't have a grill.  Mandrell has been putting them together and yesterday I got in his way with the camera to document the path from griddle to plate:

Mandrell cuts a heart of Romaine in two.

He trims the end of one for the order.

Onto the hot griddle it goes, after a light coating of olive oil is applied.

Meanwhile, the scallops get seasoned...

...and put on the griddle as well.

When it's nicely browned, Mandrell lifts the romaine...

...and places it into the serving bowl.

He adds the olives and kumquats.

The scallops are ready to flip.

Nicely golden.

The vessel awaits.

The scallops are put on top...

...and lunch is ready!

Let's eat!

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  1. What's the difference between a "griddle" and a "grill"? I would have called what you have a "grill."