Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Few PIcs of June

Sliced avocado and crab salad was a small plate special last week.

This colorful pot of vegetables eventually became soup.

The beets are getting a salt roasting, with sage, rosemary and thyme.
They will be slipped out of their jackets and serve as one of those vegetables that many people don't even want on their plate, while others gobble them up.
The most recent duck presentation features a blueberry-gin sauce.
And the new chicken is taken directly from this week's prix-fixe entree.
A better picture of the latest cherry pie.
This was the last picture on the camera last night - one I did not take - which pretty much captured the night we had just ended.  While it was agonizingly and endlessly slooooowww for the most part, the young women on the floor, as represented by these three, did not lose their sense of good humor and fun.  There was no complaining, no moaning, just jobs done as professionally as ever, despite the fact that the night's revenue was not going to be up to par. 

And my new favorite story:  being such a slow Friday night, we did what we always do and sent a bus girl out on a "drive by", to check out the other dining establishments around town and see how they were doing - who was busy, who was slow.  Mallory was the chosen one.  She was gone maybe 20 minutes, and when she reported back she told us that her dad had spotted her driving around town.  He had called her on her cell phone.  "What are you doing??" he boomed at her over the phone.  "You are supposed to be at work!!"  She explained that she was at work, out on assignment.  He probably thought it was pretty nutty.  Only in Kent County, eh? would you run into your dad while you are doing a crazy errand for your job. 


  1. ...and what was he doing calling her on her cell phone while she was driving? Melinda

    1. Maybe she pulled over to answer? Ha! Barbara

  2. The Mallory story is take away is Yay for parents who are paying attention. And the crab avocado plate is GORGEOUS....almost makes me want to eat crab....which I don't...oh gosh there I've admitted the unpardonable sin for a Maryland girl...but the cherry pie is another story....I DO eat cherry pie. Shari