Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Those Little Things

Sometimes I have to wonder at myself, and Kevin, because we get so excited about some of the craziest things.  For instance, why on earth would a person take a picture of this delivery truck:

I'm sure the driver thought it was a little strange...but those of you who recognize these blue caps:

...know why we are excited.  Hy-Point Dairy is now our connection for deliveries of...

...the best cream in the U.S.A.  Apparently Hy-Point bought out Lewes Dairy last fall, amidst a bit of controversy.  It remains to be seen if the Lewes Dairy product will continue to excel, but, if you know anything about cream, you will recognize Lewes Dairy cream as the superior product it is.  For example, the list of ingredients on the quart jug contains one item - milk.  The cream we were using prior has several more, including carrageenan, mono and diglycerides and polysorbate 80.  If you follow the links, you will see that basically these additives give the cream its creaminess.  Apparently Lewes Dairy cream is already creamy enough, without anything added to it to give it thick body.  In the past, we found no better cream available, and we are really excited to add Hy-Point to our vender list this week.  If the change in ownership has not affected the product,  I imagine we will soon be fielding questions like "Why does this whipped cream taste so good?" and "Have you done something different to the lemon butter sauce?"

And you know already how I feel about the eggnog!

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