Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Random Ramblings

  • I am loving my summer schedule.  Because I have four bus girls, and because school is out, I've been scheduling two on lunch everyday, one to bus and the other to HOST!  to work for ME!  It has been wonderful, and now I am trying to figure out how I can keep it going once schools reopen...I've been getting so much work done in the office, but I am still around to make drinks or to help Nicole and Ashley when they need it.  I am getting very spoiled...
  •  We have yet to go to the new restaurant sparking additional life here in UpHigh, but we've heard enough good things to warrant a visit in the future.  Uncle Charlie's Bistro sounds like Chuck's dream of a busy, full-service dining room has come true, and his partner, Chef Brian Carter, is helping with that fulfillment.  Many of our customers have reported satisfied experiences at his table.  It is always good for our industry to have a success story come into the fold, especially in a town with the potential to support many more independent businesses.  As I have said time and again, the more restaurants you have, the more diners come to eat, plus the larger the employee field becomes.  We'll have to make a Sunday visit, even though that means we will also have to put up with the inevitable "What are you doing here? Checking out the competition?"  Our response to this innocent inquiry is also inevitable: we are on a holiday any time we eat out any where.  To have someone else do the cooking on the weekend is our primary goal in life!
  • The trauma of coming into work to find a blank computer screen in the dining room was almost more than I could handle this past Saturday morning.  No P.O.S. system means no open, as far as my brain was concerned.  Kevin and I stood in the office and tried to remember how we used to function without it, less than what? less than 30 years ago.  We sort of remembered the dupes going to the kitchen and the bar, and writing out the hard checks for the guests, doing the math and such, but doing that now?  on a Saturday lunch, let alone Saturday night?  No. Frigging. Way.  My mind could not compute such an idea; if we couldn't use our P.O.S. system, we might as well close up shop.  Okay, so get on the phone, get a tech down here pronto.  Turns out it wasn't the hard-drive, which would have taken a lot more time to fix - and at the weekend rate of $349 for the first hour and $275 for each hour thereafter (and sure, of course the damned thing had to go up on a Saturday morning, couldn't wait til the rates were cheaper on a normal business day), it was good that it was just the screen that was bad.  The DBS fellow had brought a replacement computer with him, so all he had to do was switch hard-drives with the loaner and we were back in business.  Meanwhile, we had a plan in place so that Ashley could get started once lunch opened, which was good, since we were busy right at 11:30.  By 12:30 it was just a memory. 
  •  Had our first watermelon of 2012 this morning and it was a good one.
  •  The menu at the Delaware State Fair this weekend, in Harrington, was about what is to be expected.  Only a few of the food concessions are independently owned; most are run by the Midway operator, under the name of Wade Shows.  We always support the Delaware Grange, and their fan-cooled barn full of men and women serving up fried chicken and ham platters, with real sliced tomatoes, corn on the cob and home-made desserts.  Across from the Grange is the Delaware Farm Bureau booth, also a popular stop.  We tried some of Danny's Root Beer this year, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  In the center of the "food court" was a very tempting Thai food booth; at the southeast corner there's the Mennonite Church booth - but it's closed on Sunday.  And I'll let you in on my secret - the best bathrooms are on the second floor of the GrandStand.  Clean, empty and cool.  
  •  Brittany experienced an allergic reaction on Saturday, we think to the raw shrimp.  Dr. Kevin bandaged up her ring fingers and then gave her two finger cots so she could wash her hands without wetting the gauze.  She was a trooper and managed to put out a busy Saturday lunch without complaint.

  • Harlynn came to hang out for a bit on Saturday night, stopping into the office to coo and smile.  
  • I am finding it very hard to believe that it is already the last week of July.  Why does summer do this to us, tease us and tempt us and then leave us?  We still have not had any soft shells.  What is summer without at least one soft shell sandwich, I ask you?  We did get some peaches yesterday, from Godfrey's, so our peach pie future is secure.  (We got some of their white sugar corn too - excellent stuff, if you are out that way.)   Next week we plan to do some pick-your-own peaches down at the White Marsh Farm outside of Centreville.  While I am not generally a p.y.o. kind of person - I prefer door-to-door delivery - peaches are a different matter.  Picking them yourself guarantees a ripe peach in the basket, which means an easier peel job later on!  not to mention much better eating.
Summer.  Slow it down please.

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