Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Weekly Wednesday Report

We began the Wednesday prix-fixe with some of Kevin's fresh mozzarella, rolled with Thai basil pesto and perched atop a slice of one of  Roy's beautiful tomatoes.  I managed to score a slice of the mozzarella roll, and can only imagine what the combination tasted like.

Jay came up with the main course presentation of catfish.  He griddled it and then garnished it with an Asian inspired slaw.  The smell of sesame oil was quite tantalizing, and the dish was very well received.  One diner, who was expressing a little concern that this was Jay's dish, as opposed to Kevin's, reacted this way after she tried it: "Look out Kevin!".

Angie made chocolate angel food cake for the dessert, and we plated it on a pool of sweet strawberry puree.  Overall, it was an appealing menu for a hot summer night.

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, when we arrive at the back door at 7:00 or so, the Chef's Warehouse truck is usually already parked at the loading dock, waiting for us to unlock so he can unload.  (The few times the truck is not here means two things - that Kevin didn't get an order (duh!) or that the driver unloaded the stuff without waiting for us.  The latter is not a good idea, especially in this hottest of summers.)  This morning, no truck and no product on the bench.  Soon, around 7:30, up he pulled.  And soon thereafter, up pulled the sheriff!  Marcelena once again got her man - 37 mph in a 25 mph zone, on High Street it appears.  He got a ticket, which will disrupt his perfect driving record and seriously ruin his day.  Welcome to Kent County!

On Tuesday night a couple of our dining room staff members came in for dinner with a couple of their girlfriends.  Kara (second to the left), Nicole (on Kara's left) and Mallory (first on the right), along with best baby girl Harlynn, were all dressed to the nines and ready to chow.  It was a real treat to see them all  in their "going out" clothes, which certainly amplified the specialness of the occasion.  

I mean, even Mallory's shoes set a certain tone!  Smart!  And this is the same Mallory who is on the B cover of  Tidewater Trader this week, standing proudly behind with her prize winning Hog at the Kent County Fair last year.  Talk about versatile!    I think the girls all had a good time - I know they had a good dinner!  The funniest part of the whole thing was the number of "special requests" that were made of the kitchen...

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