Saturday, July 28, 2012


We got our veal from St. Brigid's Farm on Thursday - all 130 pounds of it.  We get a whole veal, split into two halves. Kevin spent most of yesterday morning breaking it down, and preparing the breast for a Friday night dinner special.  (I'm trying to convince him to become a butcher in our next life.)

I don't know who's going to be the lucky one to eat those kidneys...

We feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to offer our guests this veal, pasture grown only a few miles down the road.  No one else in the area does what Robert and Judy do on their farm outside of Kennedyville, raising pastured veal and grass fed beef.  Their beef - which we use exclusively for our BT Burgers and any number of beef specials offered at dinner - is absolutely delicious, and the veal is an equally first class product.  We could purchase veal from any number of suppliers, but we don't.  And of course one animal has only so many chops, so many tenderloins; getting a whole carcass supplies much more than those most popular cuts. This is where Kevin's skill with the knife comes into play - he is going to use every bit of that animal, from the head to the hip, starting last night with the stuffed breast of veal on the specials list.  

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