Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Still Recovering

The weekend service - Friday and Saturday - is almost always the busiest of the week (although Thursday gave Friday a run for the title this past week, which may explain why Friday was not so busy) and sometimes it takes all day Sunday to recover.  Thank goodness we have all day Sunday to do just that, because after Saturday night, I needed it.  I think I must have made at least 795 trips from the front desk to the back of the kitchen.  And generally at top speed.  Back and forth from the bar to the other side of the dining room a couple of million times as well.  Lucky that Friday was slow, as it would have been impossible hard to recover from two back-to-back nights like that! 

One of the vegetable garnishes over the weekend were these tomatoes, filled with zucchini and roasted in the oven.  What a treat that must have been!

The hand-cut fettuccine with crab sauce needed nothing else to enhance its appeal.  It sold out.

The haddock got the tomato vegetable, although this is not the greatest picture of either.  Still, look at all that crab meat topping that fish!

The (in)famous Taylor Buckley made a guest appearance in the kitchen Saturday night, after a plate of the above pasta.  We fed him one of our slices of CowGirl Candy, and I am afraid that will be the last time Taylor will be stopping in to see Kevin after dinner...

At the end of the night, this is what Kevin looks forward to.  Almost as much as just sitting down.

One last note - nothing to do with Saturday night - is the mention that we got in some Chapel's Blue Cheese this morning, from Teddy Bear Fresh.  Chapel's Country Creamery's dairy is in Easton, with the cheese from their raw milk being made in Lancaster.  We haven't tried it yet (!) but you will see it on a special in the next few days. 

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