Friday, September 21, 2012

Back In Time

One of our guests sent me this YouTube link to a short film about Haussner's Restaurant in Baltimore.   I don't know if any of you remember the place - it closed in the late 90's - but for me it was "the" fancy restaurant.  Generally we went there after a visit with my mother's family in Baltimore.  It was always very exciting, and I can still remember that huge ball of string - collected from countless bundles of linen - that stood in the center of the room downstairs.  As a kid I more often than not had an omelette and always jello for dessert. (And yes, Hugh, I also remember swiping the remaining dabs of the red stuff out of the parfait glass with my index finger...but what was I, six?)  My parents treated several classmates and me to dinner after college graduation, and I traveled to Highlandtown many more times as a young adult living in Baltimore.  I don't really have any solid memories of exquisite food, but the art work will never be forgotten.

There are lots of other restaurant memories from back in the day.  As a family, a road trip to the Glasgow Arms, on Route 40, was a special occasion, as was the near by Glass Kitchen.  We made many visits to the Howard Johnson's outside of Millington, especially when it was owned by the Gould family.  Of particular clarity, besides the ice cream, are the images of fried clams and grilled cheese sandwiches at family meals there. The "old" Granary, in Georgetown, was the usual site of  parental anniversaries, where the celebrants would have the rare cocktail and everyone would eat a huge slab of red meat or a classic shrimp cocktail.  We all have fond memories of the Bud Hubbards here in UpHi; the Rock Hall venue was one of the first places I took Kevin on his introduction to the Eastern Shore.  The list goes on - Becker's at Betterton Beach, Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe on High Street, the classic Kent Lounge, The Talley-Ho/The Driftwood, Lombardos, the Tastee-Freeze.   Lots of memories made in lots of restaurants.  

It's part of the business plan.

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