Thursday, October 11, 2012

Post Game Round-up

I mean post menu. 

The post-season game between the Orioles and the Yankees did nothing to support our business last night.   And Game Four tonight will most likely be even worse.  Of course, it would all be worth it if the O's had won in the 12th, but perhaps they've got a chance or two more to get into the real play-offs.  Which means more slow nights careful what you wish for, eh?

Anyway, those who responded to the call last night were seriously rewarded with a true culinary spectacular, starting with what I truly believe is one of the best Caesar Salads out there:


There it is.  Oriole magic struck again, I guess.  After the Caesar, the menu proceeded to the main event:

Oh, man, here they are again.  No, we didn't serve Baltimroe Oriole last night, it was bay scallops: 

Kevin was alerted to these tasty morsels by his seafood boss at United Shellfish and ordered them specifically for the Wednesday Menu.  He sauteed them and then spread a light hollandaise over top, finishing with a quick glaze under the salamander.  They. Were. Delicious.

As was the pumpkin bread pudding Angie made for the dessert:

Oops!  ( I can't help myself...)

Here it is.  Pumpkin Bread made into bread pudding, with a little drizzle of caramel.  Finished the meal off quite heartily perhaps, but in a satisfying way.  The sparse crowd that joined us seemed to enjoy the entire menu, one of the rare ones to include seafood as the entree.

Two little boys came to the door last night, with the intention of ordering carry-out.  They were probably 10 or 11, and there was no parent in sight, but they knew what they wanted.  Two Saranacs, a Carolina crepe and an order of piccolo fritto.  I told them 10 minutes, after which time they returned promptly.  They paid cash for the soft drinks - "Keep the change" - and used mom's credit card for the rest.  The young man asked me should he take the slip out to the car for mom to sign and I told him that no, he could do that.  He asked if he should leave a tip, and I explained that yes, typically you should leave a small tip for a carry-out ourder, but that he didn't have to leave one for me, since I was the owner and you don't tip the owner.  He looked a liittle befuddled by this over-share, but proceeded to sign the slip: 

Is that cute, or what?  I certainly do love getting them in here at an early age!  Once they've tasted Kevin's food, there's no going back!

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