Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Weekly Post - Plus a New Drink!

Kevin made 16 cannelloni for the prix-fixe last night, filled with basil pesto and cheese, on a green pepper raisin relish.  That meant we had 16 menus to sell.  They were gone by 6:30.  It was not only a popular menu, it was just a busy night.  Someone asked me was it "pre-downrigging".  I wasn't sure what was going on - I figured it was because I was short a bus girl and had on a substitute bartender, albeit a trained one...

The plate of herb roasted pork was mouthwateringly (new word?) gorgeous.  It was reported by two of our most loyal Wednesday night regulars to be one of the top menu entrees they've had thus far.  And Trust Me, they've had quite a few!  I was so hoping that there would be a sliver or two left for me, but that was not to be.  The sides that came with it included the usual mash and string beans, as well as cauliflower au gratin, of which I did manage to score the last bit.  Kevin's been making this vegetable with a wheatless white sauce, so there is no need to make a substitution for our gluten-free guests.

Dessert did not get photographed, sorry to say.  We served chocolate angel food cake after the pork, which was fittingly light but satisfyingly chocolate. 

In other news, we have finally secured a regular egg supplier.  We are still getting our omelette and quiche eggs from Dorsey Wescott's Sunnyside Farm in Galena, with their bright orange yolks and scrumptious flavor, but he cannot supply us all we need on a daily basis, so we have been looking for someone to replace the corporate eggs we can get from Teddy Bear or Chef's Warehouse. 

Enter David King of Crowning Glory Farm, outside of Church Hill. We first encountered his eggs at Godrey's this past summer, for sale by the dozen.  We finally made contact and eventually worked out an arrangement for delivery and payment that seems to have satisfied everyone.  The first ones we got, we had to admit, were on the pale side, like the chickens never ever went outside.  Kevin discussed this with David and he explained their routine, and that now they are running through the turnip fields and what not, producing the more golden yellow yolk that we hope for with free-range eggs.  We are so happy to have local eggs again, and especially happy that David delivers them!  At some point in our future there will be a field trip out to his farm, to see the happy chickens that provide the eggs for our customers. 

One of our more popular lunchtime beverages is known as the "Arnold Palmer", which is lemonade mixed with iced tea.  Our version uses our lemonade syrup with the iced tea.  For reasons that are now lost to me, Kevin and I were discussing drinks to make with our favorite Milburn cider - I think it may have started out with bourbon - when suddenly he gets the brainstorm of iced tea with apple cider.  He likes to put all sorts of fruit juice in with his tea, so it wasn't a stretch, but still, that sounded like a great idea.  "What would we call it?" became the next question.  It only took a few passes with Arnold Palmer to come up with "Autumn Palmer" - iced tea and apple cider for a fall cooler!  Ask for one the next time you are in the mood for a fruity iced tea!

I leave you with this week's famous face in a BT Dog!

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