Friday, November 23, 2012

Comegys Road Turkey Part 2

Here is the final segment to our TG Turkey saga - the stuffed and roasted ballotine of Turkey:

The stuffing, made from the legs and thighs and other white meat, plus dried cranberries.

The flattened, deboned breast.

The stuffing is laid on the breast...

...and then the "package" is closed up.

Kevin used the skin to cover any holes.

The roast, to be tied up with string.

Here is is, ready for the walk-in.

And here is is, ThanksGiving afternoon, ready for the oven.

Taking the temperature - Done!

It turned out great!

And it was certainly easy to carve!
Kevin and I hope all of you had as wonderful a ThanksGiving as we did, despite our lack of the Norman Rockwell Turkey.  As you can see, we didn't suffer - this may become our new tradition!  Better yet, maybe we can convince Kevin to make this a dinner special!

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