Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Veal Arrives (Don't Look If You Are a Bit Queasy)

Our St. Brigid's Farm fall veal arrived on Friday, and Kevin spent all day yesterday breaking down the 228 pound carcass.  It was a huge animal, resulting in a few choice cuts which Kevin doesn't usually bother to work in his butchery, including some T-bones and rib chops, all of which have been cryovaced for the New Year's Eve menu.  Meanwhile, the organs got the first attention. 

The head, not a pretty sight, goes into the big stock pot with the heart and the tongue.  

Gonna make some good stock here, as well as some good heart and tongue.  I know, I know, these pictures are on the gruesome side, but at least you see that the entire animal is well used in our kitchen!  Kevin will be serving the calves liver tonight, which is really a very special treat for those of us who like such things.  Unfortunately, the sweetbreads - also a special treat - were not among the collection of offal that Kevin expected.  Next time maybe?

This was the veal special from Friday night, made with veal from the previous calf.  A ground veal cutlet stuffed with mozzarella cheese and basil.  Pretty yummy.  Kevin made one stuffed with oysters and butter, but that version still needs a little work. 

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