Tuesday, December 11, 2012

HO HO HO It's Tuesday!

And welcome to the JOY of owning your own small, independent business.  It's generally pretty HOLLY JOLLY around here, but not this morning.  Two of the lunch time line cooks called out.  Since there are only two cooks on the line at lunch time, you can imagine that things are going to be a little interesting.  Luckily we got hold of Jay from the night crew, and he will be in to help Kevin and Cherelle.   This is all probably my fault, since Friday night I bragged to Randy how no one had called out all week...sure enough, Saturday night the salad cook was a no-show, rumored to have taken a job at another restaurant in town.  Thanks so much for the two weeks notice AJ!  aarrrrgggghhhh!   (Sometimes we do find it hard to believe that there are people out there who would do something like this, but for the most part not too much surprises us anymore.  We simply move on.)

Our weekend was quite festive, from the laying of the swag to the picking up of the poinsettias.  Really, the only place to get poinsettias is at Anthony's, IMHO.  There may be other places around here, but walking into their greenhouse filled with red and green and white is one of those seasonal experiences that makes our December.  And they are so healthy and gorgeous; we can't get just one!  The one pictured above is called "Glitter", and it is particularly lovely. 

Between the poinsettias and the bowls of colored balls, the quilts and the Santa hats, and finally the lights on the horns and the deck, we are all decorated for the holiday.  We've got our red and green cocktail napkins on the bar and some mellow Christmas tunes on the CD player.  Just in time too, since we have a Christmas luncheon party on tap for today!

It's time!  Christmas comes but once a year!

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