Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back On Track

Feels like it has been forever since we had a normal work week.

Between the shrimp and grits and the goose hunters last night, we had our hands full.  Sold out of the 20 available menus by 7PM.  Unfortunately, the bartender told a caller that there were "plenty".  Not sure if he meant seats or people or menus, but the couple arrived excited about the menu, only to find out, after they'd been seated for many (too many) minutes before anyone came by, even to offer them a cocktail, that we had sold out.  I haven't addressed the multitude of issues this situation demands, but the WONderfully patient and good natured customers who know who they are proceeded to advance to the bar, where they had burgers instead of the menu.  Note to self - drinks on me next time.  

Anyway, enough of the dark side of a busy, bus-girl-short Wednesday night.  Here are the highlights -

Shrimp and grits - pretty much nailed by the kitchen - were a big attraction I think.  We've never done them before, and I can only hope we do them again.  I managed to get a bite of the grits with some of the sauce, and it was pretty tasty.  I've never been a big fan of grits until I had some Anson Mills at the late lamented Village Bakery (going on the Auction Block this month, I see) where I became a convert.  Shrimp with grits is a southern classic, and one that people have definite opinions of.  Ours last night seemed to be on the winning side.

The entree was Kevin's meatloaf.  We got some criticism about the last version, which one customer considered too soft in texture.  For an experiment, Kevin got some Roseda ground beef to try.  While the flavor was good - he cooked up a little slider for us to sample - the texture in the rare state left something to be desired. You could see in the raw pack of ground meat that it was different from what we are used to, certainly not Beef Tartare quality, and certainly not like the SBF beef that Kevin grinds himself for our burgers.  But, as meatloaf - cooked to thorough doneness - the beefy flavor was perfect, while the texture was an improvement over the last time.  Looks okay anyway, eh?

Have I mentioned that we are open the first four weeks of the year?  Plus the next three?  After being open every January for the past 17 +/- years, we still get people who call to check because they were sure we closed for the first month of the year.  It's true, our annual seasonal holiday is approaching, but, as is our way here at Brooks Tavern, it will be during the last week of February - after all the goose hunters leave and all the winter holiday weekends are celebrated - and continue through the first two weeks of March, reopening on March 20th.  Mark it on your calendars now, so you don't reappear in February to ask us what we did on vacation!!

And that's the way it is.

Peace out.

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