Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wednesday Menu Report

It was a satisfyingly busy Wednesday night, although I am sorry to say we did disappoint a couple of guests when we had run out of the menu before they were able to get to us.  Especially when they had read their morning email and had been looking forward to that porkchop all day!  That is just wrong, and I am sorry.  We even added a few more chops to the count, substituting ice cream for the dessert, since it was actually the cream caramels that limited the number to 16.  Still, that didn't help; we sold out before the end of service.  

The first course of the menu was very good - a little salad with a brie and apricot blintz on top, with a shallot dressing on the greens.  It would be nice to see it cut open here, with the melting cheese and all, but I didn't think about that until just now...

The aforementioned porkchop.  It did look pretty tasty on the plate.  And I would bet it was juicy and sweet, since Kevin pretty much always does a brine for his porkchops.  And the glisten of that sauce...nice.

Dessert - for 16 people anyway - was the cream caramel.  I don't think too many people make this classic anymore, except in little Parisian bistros I guess, and it is such a perfect little sweet with which to end a meal.  Especially when you have really good eggs to use - that is key.

The fish last night was haddock, with capers and preserved lemons.  Kevin put up the lemons a week or so before vacation, using Meyer lemons he got from Teddy Bear.  This condiment adds a really nice, bright flavor to fish, especially this time of year when you need nice and bright.

The staff got haddock too.  Only ours was fried chunks (read: trimmings) served with a side of tartar sauce.  It was actually really good - Eric got a nice crunch on the coating and didn't overfry it, so it was still moist.  We gobbled it up. 

A small plate special last night was the oysters casino - Hog Island Virginia's own Sewansecott oysters with pork belly and casino butter.  These I know were delicious, because I was the lucky recipient of one at the end of the night!

On deck for the upcoming weekend - shad roe and salted caramel cheesecake!

Come. On. Down.

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