Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Welcome Back

Our back-from-vacation week was a bit of a tough one, but we made it through and now we are back in the groove, with a new line cook beginning his lunch duties today.  I will admit to being pretty damn tired at the end of Saturday night, but it was probably no where near how beat Kevin was after his week.  We went home after a most incredibly busy end to the week to wine and couch, and after an R&R weekend we are back in our normal routine at BT.

That was a bit crazy to wake up to the "blizzard" yesterday morning.  Luckily I had cut the tallest daffodils on Sunday, so they were saved from the fate that was in store for them.  And luckily too that we are closed on Mondays...

Speaking of chicken eggs, line cook Eric brought in some of the beautiful chocolate brown eggs he collects from his Black Copper Maran chickensWe ate them for Sunday breakfast, and they succeeded in fully convincing me that one day I too will have some back yard chickens!  Until then, we consider ourselves very lucky to be able to get David's Church Hill grown free range eggs for our menu, which taste so much better than any "factory" egg.   There is no going back.

This tuna burger on rice noodles was a special at lunch last week, and was happily received by many, partly because of its gluten-free attributes and partly because it was just plain good!

Also at lunch, on the regular menu, is Kevin's version of Chicken Chili, which he serves on a grilled flour tortilla.  A nice hot lunch for this nice cold spring we are having, eh?

Surprisingly, the new chicken dish at dinner is possibly the hit of that menu.  Served on a bed of gnocchi, who knows what is calling the diners to the plate, but it has been very popular this first week of its appearance.

As we enter into our Seventh Year in the Radcliffe Mill, we are really appreciating our regular customers, who have welcomed us back from our break with such sincere good will.  We couldn't do this without the support of all of our guests, but it wouldn't be nearly the pleasure it is without so many familiar faces.  Thank you all very much, and we anticipate having more exciting adventures with food and service in the approaching months ahead!

Peace out!

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