Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Taste of the Town 2013

As usual, we had way too much fun at Taste of the Town on Sunday.  We always have a great time visiting with our peers, seeing old friends and handing out delicious food to all comers.  We always buy a set of tickets so we can go around and get some food for ourselves, and we also "barter" as much as we can with those around us. Overall we ate very well, everything from Jeff's Cajun mac and cheese (very appropriate for Jazz Fest Weekend!) to Gunner Roe's barbeque and the Hotel's fried oysters.  You would not leave hungry, that is certain!

My photo report follows:

We start off, of course, with Erika's inspection.

A hug from Jeanne is always a good thing!

We were situated between The Osprey's Matt Whitehair and Procolino's  Sal.

Frank is getting ready!

But he can stop for a quick photo op.

Cherelle and Kevin are ready for action!

The line was not too bad for the opening.

Jeff and Betty, whose booth was right at the start.

Kevin and Chef John from KCHS.

Here we look down past our neighbor Sal.

Bob and Judy with some of Proc's ziti.

George taking a picture of me taking a picture.

Here's the latest Zierfuss.

And here's his Mom!

And there is his proud Pop-pop!

I told Mike - wearing that t-shirt entitles you to a free ice cream sandwich!

Here's Jenn and her little flower.

Two hungry little girls.
This is my cousin Allen Baldwin and his wife Patti, from Maine.

And that's Jill headed our way.

A crowd shot.
Overall I would say it was a success.  Certainly the weather cooperated!  Kevin had a great time chatting it up with the familiar and not so familiar faces that came around.  And it looked like a pretty good collection of tasters, not too jammed but a steady approach.  We made 50 more cookies than last year, but we still ran out a bit early, much to the disappointment of several - we gave out a couple rain checks!   

Thanks for your support!

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  1. Barbara......thanks for allowing me to "be there" while still in Florida. We are late coming for our spring visit this year......but see you soon. Shari