Saturday, May 18, 2013

Convection Oven Blues

So, our recently repaired convection oven is seriously ill again.  It appears that the newly replaced motor is a lemon, and the bearings are faulty.  It has to be replaced.  We've known this for a few weeks now, and have been waiting for the repairman to fit us into his schedule.  

Yesterday things got really bad:

It got even worse.  As service began, it was so loud you could hear it from the front of the dining room.  It took a few calls to EMR to get someone who realized this machine was singing it's death song and we needed service, overtime or no overtime.  Since it's a warranty issue, of course EMR was in no hurry to come out, but once we convinced someone in the upper office that we'd been waiting for a repair job for about two weeks, they back pedaled and arranged for a tech to come this afternoon.  Meanwhile, it went on last night, drowning out all  verbal communication in the kitchen until, suddenly, it wasn't.  It just stopped making that racket and peace was returned.

This morning though, it's back to the rattle and we've got it turned off until the replacement is completed.

Meanwhile, in breaking news, due to Mandrell having an emergency, I (that would be me) am going to have to help Kevin on the lunch line.  The last time I worked the line with Kevin, I ended up in tears...maybe that's why he's got the line set up so all I have to do is toast the burger buns and put cole slaw and potato salad on the plates...

Hope it's slow today!

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