Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Farm to Fork

I can't believe there are a whole lot of restaurants "out there" that are able to be as literal in their execution of the current "Farm to Fork" trend, or the equally trendy "Field to Table", as we can be here in Kent County.   The farmers who grow vegetables that we serve are also, occasionally, when they aren't out standing in their fields, our customers who eat their product that we prepare.  Robert and Judy of St. Brigid's Farm comes first to mind, as they frequently enjoy their very own beef and veal in our dining room, as well as Cathy and Tim Redman, whose asparagus we are now serving.

Here's Tim and Cathy last night at Table 6.

Cathy's fork is heading into her asparagus, as prepared by Kevin!  How cool is that?  And of course I had to tweet this shot @BrooksTavern.

Of course we could really boast if we had a Farmer Chef.  Hey, wait, we do!  Here's a shot of Chef Kevin's first crop of radishes, which he proudly harvested this morning from his garden, as well as a healthy collection of mint and chives, all of which are destined for the Wednesday prix-fixe menu tonight.  Field to Table doesn't get much closer than that, eh?

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