Wednesday, June 05, 2013

BlackBird Arriviste Rosé

Thank god last week is over.  I knew it would end eventually.

One of the highlights of the week - although frankly, it wouldn't have taken much for an event to qualify  as a "highlight" last week - was the arrival of the 2012 Blackbird Arriviste rosé.  Remember this wine from last year?  It definitely ranked as the best rosé we had all summer - and we had quite a few!

Bacchus finally got in this seasons supply of seven cases, of which I ordered three.  And after I tasted it last week, I ordered three more.  It is available by the bottle, at $30, and really, you should try it.  It is just an incredible wine, perfect with all sorts of food, with flavors in the mouth that will cause the most adamant rosé naysayer to have an epiphany. 

It may never make it to the regular wine list, because if there ever was a wine for me to start a "proprietor's list" with, this is it.  Ask for it.

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