Saturday, June 22, 2013

Suckling Pig

Kim, the owner of Black Bottom Farm in Massey, brought Kevin three pigs last week, including one that was 37 pounds, which qualified it for "suckling pig" status.  While probably not a true "suckling", in that this pig was most likely eating more than mother's milk at this stage, being under 40 pounds meant that it still had plenty of collagen.  The collagen is what makes the meat of a young pig so tender and succulent.  Plus there is not so much fat developed, resulting in crispy skin.

For those who are not interested in whole animal butchery, best to leave now.  If you go past the roses, you might not ever eat pork again.

For the rest of you, here's the suckling pig documentary:

The pig is prepared for the roasting pan.

Kevin stuffed the body cavity with rosemary, garlic and onions. 

And here it is finished roasting.

On the cutting board, ready for carving.

Kevin says next time he'll take the skin off first, then break it down.

The resulting meat is separated from the skin...

...which becomes the cracklings.

Here is the finished plate of roast suckling pig, ready for the table!

And can you guess what became of these two pig heads?

Why, head cheese of course!  Kevin's first attempt.  It is delicious!  Only the brave will try it, probably because of that terrible name.  We'll call it souse instead...

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