Saturday, July 06, 2013

Up Date

We still have not heard a thing, since the message on yesterday's tape, from our two day girls, Tiffany and Cherelle.  Not a text, not a call, nothing.  We'd already made plans to cover their shifts for today, so we were as ready as we could be for lunch business, in the event that they did not show again.  And they didn't.  But, neither did Cherelle's sub, Rayvon.  

So, Antwan and I took a drive down High Street to Rayvon's house, on the off chance that he was there and either forgot his shift or was sleeping or something.  No luck.  No car, no answer at the door.

No luck on the way back either.  I got pulled over by the C'town police for doing 35 in a 25.  Thank you officer.  At least I had my seat belt on!

And, it was only a warning.

Maybe that's what happened to the girls in Ocean City.  Maybe they are in jail...

To be continued.

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