Tuesday, August 13, 2013


On Sunday we made our annual trek down to the Centreville orchard of Mr. Tom Harlan, to pick peaches.  This is always a very pleasant endeavor.  At first we were a little disappointed, because, while the peaches on the front orchard trees were absolutely gorgeous, they remained hard as rocks.  The only reason, in my mind, to pick peaches is to get them ripe off the tree.  We followed the instructions and went further into the back orchard, where our efforts were rewarded.  Another week and the rest will be perfect, but there were still enough for us to load into two half bushel baskets, especially if we accepted a blemish here and there.  We had to take care to avoid the gigantic horse flies, which did surprise us now and then, although I think they were a little slower to attack, being full of peach nectar...

Pretty nice, huh?  And delicious too, despite the excessive amount of rain we've had this season.

From orchard to oven, Kevin turned out this up-side down cake this morning with Mr. Harlan's White Marsh Farm peaches.  What could be better?  Peach pie maybe.  That will be tomorrow.

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