Thursday, September 05, 2013


I mentioned in a post or two ago that Kevin has been making porchetta from Kim's Black Bottom Farm pigs, and I could not resist the photo op that this week's production afforded.  Porchetta, as you know, is the pork loin wrapped with the pork belly and roasted.  The fat in the belly bastes the lean  loin as it roasts, resulting in some tender and tasty pork.  

Here's a long-story-made-short photo essay of the procedure:

The all important seasoning goes in the center.
You can barely see how he has scored the outer skin.
Ready for the string.
First step in tying the whole thing together.
Color is different here because it's florescent lit rather than flash...
All tied up and ready for roasting.
We've seen this before - fresh from the oven.
Does this look delicious or what?
The end shot makes a great screen saver.

I had to ask Kevin to cut the end off so I could take a picture of what it looked like inside....and then, of course, we got a little sample!

Method to my madness, eh?

Anyway, pork never had it so good as this.

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