Friday, October 04, 2013

Why Do They Make It So Hard?

We've been recycling pretty much for the entire 27 years that we have operated a business in Kent County.  Beer bottles and tomato juice cans, wine boxes and newspapers, eggshells and onion peels - we don't throw any of that into the trash can.  It goes into the recycle bin or the compost bucket.  When the County gave up the recycle business a few years ago, we continued to stay green with Infinity.  When Green Opportunities approached us with their "single stream" recycling offer, we were pleased to participate.  Now we are told that the Maryland Department of the Environment has filed an injunction against the Goldsboro business, and if they lose their October 9th court hearing, they will have to shut down operations.  Single stream recycling appears to be an evolving technology, with pros and cons being discussed throughout the industry.  If I have time I'll read this Task Force Report presented to the Maryland General Assembly earlier this summer, and see if it reveals why a local business is being shut down. 

Meanwhile, looks like the landfill will be receptacle for the short term...

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