Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The ThanksGiving Turketta

Last year, much to my anxiety, Kevin decided to do a variation of a galantine for our TG turkey, rather than roasting that whole, difficult bird as is usual.  My trepidation was groundless - the roast was more than anyone could have hoped for, and he is doing it again this year.  Twice, actually.  One 16 pound turkey for our table and a 12 pound bird for a customer to roast themselves tomorrow. 

Here's the 2013 pictorial:

He started with the smaller turkey, removing the legs and thighs.
Eventually the whole bird was bone free.  Legs were in the pressure cooker...

...while the thighs are ground.

Both extremities will make up the stuffing.
Dried cranberries are added.

The de-boned bird is laid out flat.
The ground and chopped dark meat is added to the center.
Ready to roll her up!
and done!  All tied up with string, ready for the oven tomorrow.
The giblets are simmering away for the gravy.
Meanwhile, if you might remember - I've only posted pictures of this a few times - this is what last year's centerpiece meat turned out to look like. 

We can only hope this year's turns out as well!

Meanwhile, if not, well, there's always more wine!

Have a wonderful ThanksGiving

Peace out!

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