Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Merry and Happy Happy!

I am sitting here at the office computer with a little glass of Lewes Dairy's most excellent eggnog on my left and visions of sugarplums L A Burdick dancing in my head.  After dinner service tonight, Brooks Tavern will go into Holiday Mode until next Friday, and everyone is really looking forward to the break in the routine.  It is not every December that the 25th falls on a day that presents us with such a mini-vacation! 

We have our Holiday excesses meals all planned out for next week, and we couldn't be more excited.  There are so many opportunities to nosh!  It will start to get particularly festive on Christmas Eve, when we will tromp over to the neighbors' for a feast of cheese fondue.  No doubt there will be champagne and chocolate galore, not to mention laughter and love and glasses raised to at least three sets of parents who made it possible for us to be here in the first place.  The next morning we will host the neighbors for our rock solid tradition of eggs Benedict.  We've got a dozen of Mrs Reed's fabulous eggs at the ready, and Kevin will make the Hollandaise as only he can do.  After breakfast we will lay around the shanty, maybe get a fire going and simply bask in the pleasure of being at home in the middle of the day in the middle of the week, with no place to go and no hurry to get there.  Heaven!

Christmas Dinner will involve the Roseda beef rib roast we purchased several weeks ago.  It's been in the freezer waiting for its time to shine.  Now if only our oven weren't on the blink...  That nice man from East Coast Appliance Repair, who came to look at it yesterday, was not very optimistic for its chances of recovery.  The problem involves electronics, which means either parts or replacement, neither of which is bound to occur in a fashion that would be timely for Christmas Dinner.  So....maybe we can cook that (expensive) roast on the Big Green Egg?  We haven't been real successful with that method of cooking up to this point, and I'm not sure why I think cooking a bone-in rib roast would be a game changer, but unless we spit-roast it over an open fire (which is another possibility) the BGE is the only choice.  So that will be fun.  At least we have the toaster oven...and plenty of champagne!!  We will probably have some of those delicious Brussels sprouts along side the beef, maybe bury some potatoes in the coals to roast.  Dessert will be from L.A. Burdick, of course, with maybe a small glass (or two) of Kevin's port while we sit by the fire.  It will be, as it almost always is, a lovely relaxing day of food and drink, one which we anticipate with pleasure each December.  We will most certainly reflect on this thing called life, and take the time to appreciate our good fortune to live it on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Indeed, to have a business that not only supports such a life but is also satisfyingly challenging and ultimately rewarding is one of the bests gifts we could have.

Our Christmas wish to you is that yours is as comforting as ours.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New Year! 


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