Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It Is January, After All

It's supposed to be cold in January.  Bone chilling.  Pipe freezing.  Heart stopping cold.  The winter weather of yesterday and today and into the rest of the week is classic January. 

Yeah it is.  For Toronto.

Yesterday at 2:30, after serving our single guest his lunch and entertaining the landlord, who wandered into the kitchen, hoping he too could get a hot meal (he wandered out clutching one of Kevin's latest sausages on a plate with some potato salad that he may have served himself, considering the situation) we left the restaurant for the day.  The streets were white with snow and the stuff was blowing heartily across Morgnec Road as we made the trek up toward Kennedyville.  We left our car at the end of our drive, knowing it would be much easier to get out onto the road the next morning in that position, and made ourselves comfortable for a rare Tuesday night at home.

We'd brought with us some oysters, as well as a couple bottles of wine left opened from the weekend, and we spent a pleasant night reading on the couch and making a meal of oysters baked in the toaster oven.  Before retiring for the evening, we drained our upstairs pipes, put the cat out into the elements and fell into bed much earlier and much more relaxed than is our norm for a weeknight.  

This morning we made the reverse trek to work, this time traveling down Route 213.  It was bright and sunny and extremely brisk - our thermometer read 5 degrees and moved down to 3 before long - but beautiful with the contrasts of white fields and blue sky.  Everyone was driving at speeds safe for the conditions, with the roads still patchily covered with blowing snow and the plows out in force.

We tripled our lunch business today.

Tonight's Wednesday prix-fixe - about which more will be posted next week - was a sell-out.  Of course, we only had ten orders to start with, but still... The point is, we had a few customers, most exclaiming joyfully about getting out of the house, and we were immensely glad to see them.  It is very cold out and for people to brave the potentially negative wind-chills for a meal in our dining room is quite gratifying.  We were glad we were open for them. 

However, we won't be open for them for the rest of the week, as we will be celebrating the extraordinary 96 years of Kevin's dad's life.  We will be back at our jobs on Tuesday.  Hopefully it will be more like January on the Eastern Shore by then.  For all our sakes.

Meanwhile, thanks for your continued support.

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  1. Kevin and Barbara we will be thinking about you this week-end, drive safely. Melinda