Thursday, January 09, 2014

Wednesday Report

I don't know what it was, but I had a great time out in the dining room last night.  It was such a relief to have that polar vortex fly off to the East and take the single digits with it I guess.  Plus, Kevin had a great menu in store for the Wednesday crowd.  With a tilt toward Mexico and everything warm, it just seemed to put a positive spin on the world.  Food can do that.

Both courses involved masa.  Above shells for the sope, below the tamale pies, with the masa crust.

The sope was filled with black beans, topped with a melted goat and jack cheese combination.  I did not rate one of these, apparently, but they looked like they'd be right up my alley.

The tamale pie, with a filling of beef brisket, was on a bed of sauteed greens and stewed beans.

Dessert was, appropriately enough, flan.  Or cream caramel, as it were.  A fitting end to a meal that was a terrific beginning into a new year of Wednesday prix-fixe.  Kevin enjoyed experimenting, learning all he could about masa,  and hopefully his "guinea pigs" enjoyed his efforts.

I hope everyone made it through unscathed by those aforementioned single digit temperatures we opened the week with.  (This is one of those weather weeks when I am glad I am not a bank teller and have to listen to each and every customer come in with the same comments about the current conditions of the great outdoors!)  We had some pipe issues at home, which resulted in a missed shower, but otherwise escaped pretty mildly.  We did bring the Rube in on Tuesday and Wednesday, but she went home Wednesday afternoon, happy to be back in her pen.  The BT kitchen is frigid!  when that hood brings the outside in and outside is 10 degrees.  You cannot dress warmly enough, so that's why I work slacks on Tuesday night, with, I might add, my long underwear on underneath!

In other news, we will be attending the services for Kevin's Dad in a few weeks, so the restaurant will be closed on Thursday January 23rd through that weekend.  I know this is going to add to the confusion that is our schedule, but it can't be helped.  Considering that a lot of people think we go on vacation in January, plus the fact that we do go on vacation in February,  I am sure we will be fielding a lot of calls over the next few weeks!  But hey, that's what the phone is for!

 I swear, I never knew so many people loved their Brussels sprouts!  The bowls of balsamic glazed orbs have been such a huge hit; it seems there was an order at every table and every order was, apparently, "awesome"!

On the lunch menu, a few new items are making an appearance.  Above is the shrimp stir-fry, with sprouts and garbanzos amid rice noodles.  Fish sauce makes it real. 

Salmon has been replaced on the menu by griddled tuna, on a winter salad with sauteed apples, pickled cucumbers and carrots, with a curry vinaigrette.  Another dish that makes healthy happy.

For a dinner time small plate special, Kevin made some cannelloni, filled with St. Brigid Farm veal, house made prosciutto and manchego cheese.  Light but creamy, these little batons of goodness were a sell out on their first night.  We want more Chef!!

As for me, I began my 59th year with a plate of pasta carbonara!  Maybe not the most thigh-friendly dish on the planet, but certainly one of my favorites! 

Peace out!


  1. Happy Birthday, Barb!!!! Shari

  2. Why thank you Shari! I actually had a pretty good time last night, wearing my birthday tiara and taking advantage of being Queen for the Day!