Saturday, February 08, 2014

Look What's Coming!

We trialed two different recipes for fried chicken last night.  (Frankly, I never would have thought I could get "tired" of sampling fried chicken...)  No clear winner so far, more trials today.  We're experimenting with brines, rubs and batters to make the best fried chicken you have ever had, and when we've nailed it we are going to offer it only to the late bird diners on Friday nights.  And maybe to the lunch guests on Saturdays...

Our version of the "Early Bird Special".  The "Late Bird Special".  We're trying to get some bodies in here after 8PM on Friday night.  We are to the point where we wonder if people even realize we are OPEN later than 8 on Friday!  It's time to fight back, and we're gonna fight with Fried Chicken!

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