Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Taste of the Town 2014 Report

As usual, we had way too good a time at ToT on Sunday.  It is great fun to not only see your customers in such a relaxed atmosphere, but also have the rare chance to mingle with your comrade-in-arms of the local restaurant business.  I took a few pictures:

Tiffany came along to help us out. This is the Fountain sprouting out of her head - how clever!
Kevin did all the talking!

Jeff Carroll from the Fish Whistle poses with his old boss.

Here is Erica from the Health Department giving Kelly's set-up from Evergrain the once over.

Vinnie from Luisa's.

This is Kevin and The Kitchen's Steve, trying to fuel all those rumors flying around.

Kirsten and Andy are probably more relieved here than they are showing.

Doug from Crow Farm Winery was doing some pouring.

I'm not sure what Kevin and Joe Dolce, from the Hotel Imperial, are gazing at...

And I'm not sure what Kevin is trying to accomplish over here with Chuck and his Chef from Uncle Charlie's.  Probably trying to score a free sample.

Joe and his crew from the Hotel were steady shucking oysters all day long.  They were our neighbors.

  Here is Mr. O'Connor's himself!  Frank made it look simple.

Mimo from Luisa's with Kevin .  Mimo brought us over some delicious almond cake!

Here's the starting gate.

Random beauties, getting their Ice Cream Sandwich.

Robert and Judy from St. Brigid's Farm stopped by.

As did Jay with various members of his family - coming from the baby's christening.   

And finally a not-too-great selfie with Sal from Proc's, all duded up in his Italian Chef Jacket!

I'm sorry I didn't get more pictures of the many more members of our staff who came out and supported us!  I would venture to guess that turn-out for the event was a little lighter than in previous years, or maybe there were just more dessert options, because we came home with a few sandwiches left over!   The weather couldn't have been better - well, maybe a little warmer over on our side of the tent - and the crowd couldn't have been nicer.  

Thanks Andy and Tara et al for organizing!  It was surely a resoundingly successful day.

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