Friday, May 30, 2014

Way to Go, Kent County Restaurants!

Our local restaurant scene is very well represented by the voters in the most recent "What's Up" magazine's readers poll of "Best Of 2014".  Brooks Tavern diners voted us with the "Best Farm-to-Table Menu", which we certainly appreciate - especially since it shows that our customers appreciate what Kevin and his crew do with all the local produce and meat farmers from the area are providing for them.  But we are far from alone in receiving the accolades: "Best Chef" on the Eastern Shore went to the well-deserving Steve Quigg of the Kitchen at Rock Hall, validating what his fans already know; "Best German" to Bay Wolf, long a mainstay in Rock Hall; "Mexican" to the Plaza Tapatia group; "Most Romantic" acclaim was achieved by The Osprey, another popular Rock Hall dining venue; Evergrain, on Chestertown's High Street claimed "Best Bakery:; Dennis Hager's Two Tree in Millington is the local "Best Kept Secret"; and JR's recently opened pub was voted the best place to "Meet and Mingle".  Not too bad for the skinniest county on the shore - we are a force to be reckoned with!  Or at least dined with!

I'm still not going to buy the plaque they keep trying to sell us...

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